Our Companies


G.A.H. Audit Services Ltd

G.A,H Audit Services Limited

G.A.H. Audit Services Ltd is a continuation of G. Hadjimichael & Co a firm which was initially established in 1987 by Mr. George Hadjimichael F.C.C.A. and currently employs twelve professionals including Auditors, Accountants, Tax specialists and back office staff.



G.A.H. Business Consultants Ltd

G.A.H Business Consultants

G.A.H. Business Consultants Ltd was incorporated in 2005 and is in effect a continuation of G.A.H. Audit Services Limited which was established in 1987. It has its own Board of Directors and will very soon be situated in separate self owned premises. It currently employs eight professionals including Accountants, VAT specialists and back office staff.


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